Tips for Marketing on a “Shoe String” Budget

Small businesses generally need to watch their expenses. When it comes to getting customers interested in the products you service or produce, an entrepreneur may be tempted to spend a little more in hopes of getting a lot in return. While it is true that a wise investment in a well-planned marketing strategy has a better chance of succeeding than a “throw money and hope” approach, there are many tactics that are low-cost in regards to time and materials, and have proved to be highly effective in raising awareness about a small business.


Community groups are always in need of a helping hand. Go out and find one that shares your personal interests and ask about opportunities to help. Even helping out at a one-day event can bring you in contact with new networks and opportunities to share what you do. The more you do, the more people will see you as a trusted leader and someone to do business with. I’m proud to say that we here at Sharn have employees who currently volunteer at their churches, programs for the disabled and even pet shelters.


Business cards

Although technology seems to bring people even closer to a “paperless” world, the humble business card remains an indispensable way to share basic information about yourself to the people you meet. When someone gives you their card, put their contact information into Outlook immediately, or at a minimum keep it in your file. You just never know when it will come in handy



Taking your message to the world is very important. Blogs are easy to set up and when integrated into your small business website, can serve as conduit for people interested in your skills and knowledge. The part that people find to be the hardest is coming up with a topic. If you’re already surfing the net and the press for trends that affect your industry or your customers; why not share and comment on them in your blog. Blogging about social events is also important, it helps to reveal the companies “personality” a little. Stay away from subjects like politics and religion.blogpost


Word-of-mouth is the most effective for of advertising and it’s even more effective when you’re the one doing it. Business and professional associations are great places to start. Look for organizations of interest to the people you want to do business with. You might want to start with your local chamber of commerce.


Here at Sharn we try to follow these four types marketing tactics. Being a small business we also try to give personal service to all of our customers. That’s one of the reasons we have been in business now for 41 years! If you want to know more about our products and services, please visit our website

“A Proud American Manufacturer”





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