Good for You, You’ve Paid your Taxes!


Well, it’s tax season again, you’ve just received your W-2 form from work, and like most honest hardworking Americans, it’s time to pay your taxes. Like most people I hate writing that check, but I do realize that it’s part of my duty and obligation as a citizen to pay what I owe. After all, America is a great place to live, and our government has many very real expenses to cover such as national defense, education, and helping those people who are unable to care for themselves.

But as necessary as those things are, the Government often wastes your tax dollars on things that they have no business being involved in. Here are just 5 examples of Government waste:


  1. $43 million– The Department of Defense spent this amount of money on one single gas station in Afghanistan that was made to pump natural gas. The heavy cost of converting cars to use natural gas was not considered, and the station had to close in March 2015 due to lack of use.
  2. $5 million– This is the cost of the annual budget set up to manage the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. Since 2011, this project has not done much other than setup and run a Twitter account.
  3. $375,000– The National Science Foundation has conducted a study to explore changes in relationship habits as we age, and whether  life experiences made it more difficult for older single people to be in relationships.
  4. $48,000– Two breweries received grants to fund solar panels from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, funded by the USDA’s Rural Energy for America program.
  5. $5.75 million– This is how much the State Department has spent on the preservation and study of cultures in other countries. For example, they spent $700,000 to conserve a Buddhist temple in Vietnam, $33,000 to preserve weaving traditions in Bangladesh, and $40,000 to document folk music in India.

I was hesitant to put the solar–powered beer one on the list, because I enjoy a “cold one” every now and then, but c’mon $48,000 for solar panels?


I hope I get a refund this year!

Roger Wandersee              
President- Sharn Enterprises, Inc.                                                                  

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