Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is a special day for many people. On this day we have the opportunity to express our love and affection to friends and loved ones. It can also be a day that some of us wish didn’t exist. With that in mind, we would like to share some tips on how to get through the holiday.

1. Celebrate on a different day.
On Valentine’s Day, restaurants are expensive and crowded. Try postponing your date to February 15th and go to a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to!

2. Make a DIY gift.
Be creative and find a quirky gift that your significant other will truly appreciate, a gift that is more personal than chocolates and flowers. Try buying a your significant other a book of poetry, or gift that reflects their specific personality.

3. Throw a “Quirkyalone Day” party.
If you’re single, participate in International Quirkyalone Day. On this day, singles around the world throw parties to celebrate empowerment, romance and gratitude. These get-togethers offer an excuse to enjoy Valentine’s Day without feeling sorry for yourself, and can also give attendees an opportunity to meet new, like-minded people. Check out their website, it recommends hosting an event at a public place and advertising it a few weeks ahead of time on Craigslist or Flavorpill.

5. Volunteer to help those that need some love.
It’s always great to find a reason to volunteer, and this could be a great way to show love to people who really need it. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, send flowers to nursing home residents, or try to find Valentine-themed fundraisers you can participate in. Contact local shelters to ask how you can best show love to those who live and work there. Try VolunteerMatch to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope that you have a great day!


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