A Needle in a Haystack


I was reading an article in our local newspaper yesterday about a luxury movie theater that’s opening soon in our community of Frankfort, Illinois. Spokespeople for this particular company referred to our village as “finding a needle in a hay stack.

The article focused on a company by the name of Emagine Entertainment headquartered in Michigan. Village of Frankfort officials stated, “We weren’t excited that it’s just a theater, we were excited because it is a high class, quality type theater that offers something unique for the customer.  It offers movie goers an experience beyond a traditional movie theater environment.”

Back of Factory

After reading this, I began to think about our own company, Sharn Enterprises, as another “needle in a haystack.” How we offer our customers an experience that goes beyond what ordinary display companies offer to their customers. First, we offer extensive design collaboration that transforms your ideas and concepts into a real display product that not only considers appearance, but also functionality and price. Next, we offer customers the ability to place both large and small orders while still maintaining manufacturing precision.  And finally, we offer that “good old American quality and service” that goes well beyond what you may experience with imported products.

So check out what Sharn Enterprises has to offer by visiting our website at www.sharndisplays.com.

Roger Wandersee 
President- Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

For 41 years now,

“A Proud American Manufacturer”





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