Which type of product display is right for your brand?


Your brand is the best, Right?  You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money in building your brand. So when you finally go to market, you need to decide which approach best suits your particular brand. Which approach will get your products noticed– and more importantly SOLD!

Which should I choose, custom-made or stock product displays?

Here at Sharn Enterprises, we believe “Custom made” point of purchase displays are the answer and here is why:

  1. Product Differentiation                                                                                                                  When Sharn Enterprises designs a custom display for you it is unique and sets your products apart. Our design team emphasizes the individual image that you have created for your brand. In short, it gets your product noticed!
  2. Foot print                                                                                                                                                 As you know, floor space is “gold” to both you and your retailer. A custom display is designed around your specific product, its size, it’s packaging, and the quantities to be offered. It also can include a modular concept so that as your sales increase you can add a piece, which saves you from replacing the entire unit when it needs updating.
  3. Brand Presence                                                                                                                                          When using a permanent display, you gain a valuable foot hold within the store itself. Conversely, when you order a stock display it’s fairly easy for a competitor to take over your space by replacing your logo or signage. You’ve lost your valuable retail position and lost several sales. I bet this has happened to many of you who use stock displays.

In any retail store, there are literally thousands of items to view as a shopper walks through the store. Some people just go in a store with the single purpose of buying one item, then they leave. Other people go to the store with a similar purpose, but they also browse around to see what other products the store is offering. Shopping is a visual event and you want to engage the shopper quickly, create interest in your product, and have them put it in their shopping cart before something else grabs their attention.

A custom-made product display, designed and manufactured by Sharn Enterprises will get your products noticed! That’s what our customers have been saying for 41 years now.  

To learn more about our Company, its products and services, please visit our website at www.sharndisplays.com

“A Proud American Manufacturer”



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