Memorial Day 2016


Many people in the workforce think of the Memorial Day holiday as a three day weekend. Most go on a short weekend vacation with their family, have a barbecue, and depending on the weather, may even enjoy a day at the pool. There is just one issue with this… That’s not what Memorial Day is all about. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the fallen soldiers in our armed forces. It’s a day to say thank you to those who fight for our country, and a day to look at the American Flag in a much different way than we normally do.

In 1971, Congress passed the National Holiday Act of 1971 to ensure a three-day weekend for federal holidays. Memorial Day is now celebrated by almost every state on the last Monday in May. Many people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle. While those who died are also remembered, Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor ALL who served—in wartime or peacetime—and whether they died or survived.


The wearing of poppies in honor of America’s war dead is traditionally done on Memorial Day (not Veterans Day). The origin of the red poppy as a modern-day symbol of this day was actually the idea of Moina Michael. (Read more about the inspiration for the poppy.)

In war-torn battlefields, the red field poppy  was one of the first plants to grow. Its seeds scattered in the wind and sat dormant in the ground, only germinating when the ground is disturbed—as it was by the very brutal fighting during World War 1.

Today, poppies are both the symbol of loss of life as a symbol of recovery and new life, especially in support of those servicemen who were damaged physically or emotionally.

 Because we are a veteran-run business, Sharn Enterprises, Inc., we would like to encourage everyone to take some time out during their barbecues, boating trips, and day at the pool to remember those who have given their lives fighting for us so that we have the opportunity to pursue all the wonderful things life in America has to offer.

In observance of Memorial Day, Sharn Enterprises will be closed on Monday, May 30, 2016.

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The Art of Visual Merchandising: Customizing Your Product Displays


When you’re working in the world of retail, one of the key concerns to focus on is “sales per square foot,” that’s the average revenue a retail business generates for every square foot of sales space.

It all starts with your customer. Here at Sharn, we get a lot of our inspiration by first talking to our customers and understanding their specific goals. We also venture out to retail stores to see what’s trending, what is and isn’t working, etc. The internet is a rich source of inspiration as well, especially sites like Pinterest and (Visual Merchandising and Store Design), among others.


Knowing your target customer’s needs will help you tremendously when it comes to creating effective merchandising displays. Who is the target market? Teenagers, young adults, men, women, who? You need to get to know your customer’s product selection as well as their various price points. This will allow you to give them the best return on the investment they’ve made by purchasing your display.

Once you and your customer get to the design phase, please keep these three key elements in mind:


  1. Sight– Of course the purpose of your display is to get your customer’s products noticed so the visual aspect is very important. You will need to use exciting colors, lighting symmetry, balance, and contrast, all in an effort to get your customer’s product sold!

  2. Sound– This may also play a part in your display presentation. Hearing valuable information is helpful to help acquaint the customer with the product, but be careful, extraneous noise can be irritating, so keep that in mind. You have to find the right balance if you incorporate sound.

  3. Touch– This often has more to do with what type of product is being sold and it’s packaging, so your design of their display must take all of that into consideration.

At the end of the day remember that quality, price and service are equally important factors to consider when working to fulfill your customer’s display needs. You might be able to design an attractive and functional product display, but if it can’t hold up to normal wear and tear at the retail store location, then you have failed.

Additionally, the price of your display has to be reasonable or you may not have a repeat customer. Our company realizes that a display is part of a package deal to the retailer. For that reason it’s important to look for material and manufacturing savings when creating designs. These are savings that you can then pass along to your customers. That builds loyalty and trust.


Finally; service, service, and more service!

We have all been victims of “poor” service somewhere along the way, so we know how that makes us feel. To ensure excellent customer service keep in contact with your customer, not only before the sale, but during the design and manufacturing processes. No one likes a surprise, so if you’re having some difficulty be honest with your customer about a delay and the reason for it.

Make sure to follow-up with them after your order is delivered. This will let them know you appreciate their business and help you build a relationship based on trust. When you work with your customer, you will be able to come up with an effective visual merchandising plan that will suit their specific product display needs and help increase sales.

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Local Business Spotlight: Tour Edge Golf

As  I was reading the paper the other day I came across an article about a company from Batavia, Illinois. It caught my interest because I am a golfer and I also run a small business. As I read the article, I was impressed with the company’s values and I wanted to share their story:


Out of Batavia, IL, Tour Edge Golf  makes professional quality golf clubs that emphasize quality over hype in their products. The president of the company, David Glod, has learned that building relationships is key to his businesses’ success. By speaking directly to the needs of professional golfers, Tour Edge Golf has been able to build their business through word of mouth advertising. Though it can be difficult because some pro golfers have iron-clad endorsement contracts with certain large golf club manufacturers, Glod and his team are still able to find golfers that are willing to try out their product. As they do not sponsor pro golfers, it speaks to the quality of their products that they are able to find golfers that consistently use their products even though they are not getting paid.

The secret is that they offer quality products that employ innovative technology for a fraction of what other big name competitors offer. They focus their money on making better products instead of spending it on big ad campaigns. Tour Edge Golf strives to fine tune their product to the individual needs of each golfer and is always looking to the future to further improve their products. He is also able to get the support of recreational and professional golfers by offering a thirty-day trial period and a lifetime warranty. In this way, Tour Edge Golf is able to differentiate itself from the crowd by standing behind the quality of their product.

07. Golf Club Display-1

One of our Golf Displays!

Like Tour Edge Golf, we at Sharn are a local company focused on our individual customer’s needs. As with all of our products, including our golf club displays, we at Sharn are also committed to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices, always made in the U.S.A. From design to finished product, we build relationships with our customers, to help provide them with all the support they need to create displays that meet their specific needs. We also work with other small American businesses to source high quality materials for our displays and provide varied options for the businesses we work with, big and small.

(Credit: Kent McDill- Daily Herald Business Ledger)

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Every year we try to find new and different way to honor the mothers in our lives. This Mother’s Day, we have compiled a list of ideas, activities, and places to go in and around Chicago to help you celebrate on this special day!

Mother’s Day Activities

  •  SpaSpace

    161 N. Canal St. Chicago, IL 60606.                                                                                                                                                                   To schedule an appointment:  312-466-9585.                                                                                          

    What do moms love on mother’s day? They love to be pampered! Consider a spa day package to give her a relaxing day away form her”mom” responsibilities. Spa Space has 14 treatment rooms and a variety of services including massage, an upscale nail lounge, a private pedicure suite, and spa packages.

    For Mother’s Day consider “The Melt” Package:                                                                                  Massage & Superfruit Fitness Facial. Includes 60-minute Hot Stone massage and 15-minute Indian Head massage using the aromatherapy of her choice, plus our upgraded 60-minute relaxing-yet-targeted facial to give her that fresh-from-the-spa glow. Includes take-home gift of selected aromatherapy product. 2 hours, 15 minutes.

    This month, receive The Melt Massage and Superfruit Fitness Facial for $275, 18% gratuity included (normally $318 – a savings of $43). 

  • Wendella Boats

    405 North Wabash
    Chicago, IL 60611
    (312) 222-9225 75 Minutes
    Adult: $35.50 | Senior (65 & up): $32
    Child (3-11): $16.50 | Infant (2 & Under): Free

    Give your mom a memorable experience this Mother’s Day with a Wendella Boat tour. Be inspired by the captivating, visual art that is Chicago’s legendary architecture, and the exceptional architects who created this ever-changing, dynamic legacy for all to enjoy and admire. This comprehensive tour will navigate through the heart of the city on all three branches of the Chicago River while your professionally-trained architectural guide tells the story of more than 130 years of innovation in design, style and technique and why it is important today.

    Hours: Time varies depending on tour, See Combined Lake and River Tour info.                            

  • Susan G. Komen Chicagoland Race for the Cure

    This is for the moms who want to celebrate Mother’s Day by walking for a good cause. Help to raise money for women’s health in one of the biggest Komen walks in the country. Check out their site at to get more info.

Fun Ideas

  • Buy Something She wants but won’t buy Herself

    Ever see your mom or the mother of your children eye something but refuse to spend the money on it for herself? Some moms, especially those with children still in the house, feel guilty about spending money on themselves instead of their children. Pay attention to what the mothers in your life set their sights on and consider that as a Mother’s Day gift.

  • Give Mom a Night Off

    If the mom in your life is the mother of your children, consider giving her a night off from parenting duties. Arrange something for her to do like get a massage, go to a movie or spend a night out with her friends. Hire a babysitter and go out on a date.

    Or, consider taking the kids out for a few hours and letting her relax at home by herself. Some mothers may enjoy the peace and quiet of home more than going out.



You can always give mom the usual candy and flowers, but consider mixing it up this year and making her day truly special!

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