Local Business Spotlight: Tour Edge Golf

As  I was reading the paper the other day I came across an article about a company from Batavia, Illinois. It caught my interest because I am a golfer and I also run a small business. As I read the article, I was impressed with the company’s values and I wanted to share their story:


Out of Batavia, IL, Tour Edge Golf  makes professional quality golf clubs that emphasize quality over hype in their products. The president of the company, David Glod, has learned that building relationships is key to his businesses’ success. By speaking directly to the needs of professional golfers, Tour Edge Golf has been able to build their business through word of mouth advertising. Though it can be difficult because some pro golfers have iron-clad endorsement contracts with certain large golf club manufacturers, Glod and his team are still able to find golfers that are willing to try out their product. As they do not sponsor pro golfers, it speaks to the quality of their products that they are able to find golfers that consistently use their products even though they are not getting paid.

The secret is that they offer quality products that employ innovative technology for a fraction of what other big name competitors offer. They focus their money on making better products instead of spending it on big ad campaigns. Tour Edge Golf strives to fine tune their product to the individual needs of each golfer and is always looking to the future to further improve their products. He is also able to get the support of recreational and professional golfers by offering a thirty-day trial period and a lifetime warranty. In this way, Tour Edge Golf is able to differentiate itself from the crowd by standing behind the quality of their product.

07. Golf Club Display-1

One of our Golf Displays!

Like Tour Edge Golf, we at Sharn are a local company focused on our individual customer’s needs. As with all of our products, including our golf club displays, we at Sharn are also committed to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices, always made in the U.S.A. From design to finished product, we build relationships with our customers, to help provide them with all the support they need to create displays that meet their specific needs. We also work with other small American businesses to source high quality materials for our displays and provide varied options for the businesses we work with, big and small.

(Credit: Kent McDill- Daily Herald Business Ledger)

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