What’s next? The Future after Graduation.

Last week I graduated from college and as I look back on my school experience, I am proud and humbled by what I’ve been able to accomplish. For me, it has been a goal that’s been long-held but seemingly impossible. Being in that “college graduate” group has imbued in me a sense of new beginnings and opportunities, as well as a feeling of accomplishment.

There have been many sacrifices that me and my family have made in order for this to be possible. As a mom, with children of varying ages, it was imperative to have A LOT of support from my spouse, my children, and my in-laws. This meant that every second of my day is planned and scheduled to balance family life with several part-time jobs and a full-time class schedule. Their support made it possible for me to graduate summa cum laude with honors, in addition to earning a scholarship that will make it possible for me to earn my bachelor’s degree tuition free (YAY!!).

I have always been a creative person and I’m glad I went with my gut when I signed up for classes. Most people wouldn’t think that an art major would have many opportunities, but I have found that my flexible way of thinking has been an asset. The education I’ve had is useful in many fields, and marketing takes creative and spontaneous thinking.

Every job I’ve had has been a learning experience, and my opportunity to intern at Sharn for the last 5 months has been an amazing experience. I learned about work culture in a supportive environment, and gained skills that I’ll be able to apply in the future. The greatest lesson I have learned from my experience at Sharn is to just be yourself and be confident. Because of this opportunity, I see a future that is filled with possibility, as I venture out into the workforce.


Me at graduation

Though I sometimes thought completing my education would be too difficult or out of reach, graduating has brought me one step closer to achieving my dreams. I also learned that I have the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in new ventures. As I continue my education, I wonder about what my next steps will be. I just need to remember to put one foot in front of the other and I will get where I’m going.

Melinda Arce-Gudino (Marketing Intern)

To learn more about our Sharn Enterprises, its products and services, please visit their website at www.sharndisplays.com



“A Proud American Manufacturer”


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