Finding a balance between vacation & work.

Many of us hard working Americans can get so wrapped in our busy work schedules that we deny ourselves of the necessity of vacationing. We tend to prioritize working over taking the time needed to refresh our minds and body. In fact, according to the latest Gallup poll conducted in 2014, only half of U.S adults employed full time work 40 or fewer hours per week.  The average is 47 hours with nearly 1 in 5 full timers working 60 hours or more. It makes you wonder, when do we ever sleep?

Stressed in the office

Even at times when we decide that we do want to take a break, are we actually taking a break? Most of us hardworking Americans tend to use our off time, to do work. For example, checking our emails or even taking phone calls during our off time.  It has become so easy to do so with the advancement in technology allowing us to work from home, or even from the palms of our hands. Americans are more reluctant to take a break because we worry that it may set us behind in our work schedule, or that we will miss out on our pay and wages. According to the Department of Labor, Federal Law does not require lunch or coffee breaks. Although, it is necessary for better work performance, some employers only allow a maximum of 5 to 15 minutes. The Fair Labor and Standards Act does not require payment for time not worked. If paid time off is given it is the result of a contract between the employer and the employee.

Vacationing and taking time off is vital to our work performance, our personal health and our well-being. There are many benefits that come along with taking time off from work. We need to take personal time off to be able to focus on our hobbies and passions, spend time with family, and best of all…sleep.

Focusing on our hobbies provide a good stress relief. It allows us to take our mind off of the workplace and into something we are truly passionate about. In turn we are bettering ourselves by improving the skills that support or hobby. Also, it gives us a reboot to prepare for the return to work.

Another benefit of taking a break from work is that you prevent yourself from overworking. Overworking yourself can become boring. Even though you may enjoy your job, when it becomes boring you will find that it can become less enjoyable.

Taking a break can also benefit your health tremendously. Think about this, if we are spending so much time working throughout the day, the convenient thing to do on a lunch break is to grab something quick to eat. For example, fast food, something from the vending machine in the breakroom, or a small unhealthy snack. You’ll find that you will be less likely to eat or find time to exercise. Therefore, work can become unhealthy.

Lastly, taking a break from work can make you a better employee. For those that are dedicated to our 9 to 5 it is important that give our best when doing so. Take the time off to focus on yourself will in return give you the energy, mindset, and capability to get up and tackle your daily job. You’ll enjoy doing so as well.

Happy in the office

With the multiple benefits of vacationing and taking the time off to focus on yourself it is clear to see that this should be a priority of every hardworking American.  My advice to you is to turn off the notifications and plan out your relaxing off time as soon as possible.

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