In Store vs. Online Shopping

The likelihood of a consumer making a purchase is dependent on their shopping experience. This statement has recently be shown to be true with the rise in percentage of consumers that prefer to make purchases in store rather than online. In fact, according to PWC’S annual consumer survey, nearly 40% of consumers make purchases inside a physical store at least once per week. Only an estimate of 27% make their purchases online. This change in in-store versus online shopping can be contributed to numerous reasons.

The social and human shopping experience of being in-store is one that cannot be replicated. Many popular eCommerce brands are making the swap to brick and mortar stores. Amazon for example opened its first physical store in Seattle last year. The company’s CEO Jeff Bezos recently confirmed at Amazon’s shareholder meeting that more stores are coming. The store located at University Village is seen to use a different display arrangement than your normal everyday bookstore. Books displayed here are shown to be arranged cover out, rather than spine out. This display method comes from the belief that it makes browsing more appealing.

Amazon Book Store book arrangement

This shows the importance of a custom made display. A custom display design as one that is shown by Amazon will ensure that your product gets noticed. If browsing is more appealing, consumers are likely to spend more time looking at your product. A custom design not only gets your product noticed, it will help your product get sold. Here at Sharn Enterprises Inc., our in-house design team will collaborate with you to create eye-catching displays that achieve the desired effect while increasing your sales.

Although the ease of shopping online ensures product availability, at least 60 percent of consumers said that they prefer to shop in store to; avoid delivery fees, receive the product immediately, and to have the option of trying the item on or seeing it in person before buying it. In fact 75 percent of people surveyed spend time browsing the product online before buying them at a physical store. Hence, another reason to ensure that your POP design shines the spotlight on your product or brand. A custom made design allows for permanent signage and branding to keep competition from intruding on your spot in the store. It will fit the exact size and number of products you are offering, therefore ensuring the product is in the correct location on the sales floor making it easy for those online shoppers to find your product when it is time to make a purchase.

Shopping in store allows for a different consumer shopping experience than one that they would receive online. Being in the physical location, adapting to the atmosphere of the brand, and along with an aesthetically pleasing store design will cater to the needs of those that prefer to shop in store. Sharn Enterprises Inc. is a leading single source provider in today’s POP display industry with custom store fixtures, point of purchase (POP) displays, and specialty items. The consistent need for physical stores can definitely be attributed to fact that products are conveniently ready and visible thanks to a custom store design as one that can be provided by the products and services here at Sharn Enterprises Inc.

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