Protecting your Personal Information | More on Realizing the Value of Your Personal Data

Last week Sharn Enterprises Inc. posted and article about monetizing your personal information. As a follow up to that article we’d like to share with you this article about the recently bankrupt Sports Authority chain selling your personal information to Dicks Sporting Goods. There is no doubt that  your personal information is worth money. Please note also that if you don’t want Dicks to have your information you have to take action “opt out”.

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Realizing the Value of Your Personal Data

Everything that you do is valuable. From your thoughts, your words, your identity, your past history, etc. This sensitive data can be collected and used as valuable information for companies. Data such as your browsing history, email conversations, online activity, GPS location, and more is information that has been giving up by consumers in return for free perks such as coupons. The question is, why are consumers giving up our personal data, and allowing someone else to use it for free? Consumers are now beginning to take back ownership of their valuable information and allowing companies and organizations to only use the data in return for monetary rewards.

For years there have been cases where retailers would casually ask for a customer’s phone number or email during checkout. With no hesitation consumers tend to give the information to retailers without even realizing the worth of it. Companies and marketing firms have been gathering information about customers and potential customers for years, collecting their names and addresses, credit card purchases, and asking them to fill out questionnaires, so they can offer discounts and send catalogs. Companies analyze then use this information to offer consumers’ discounts and other product recommendations based off your activity. According to the Financial Times, your general information is worth about $0.0005 to $0.50 per 1,000 people. Which is why data ownership is important.

monetize app

There has recently been an influx in startup companies in which entrepreneurs have allowed consumers to regain data ownership and monetize their personal information. For example, Google Screenwise Trends gives up to $8 cash to anyone willing to share their browsing behavior with Google and its partners. Raptr provides users with free games, hardware, and discounts in return for video gaming habits. With applications like these, companies are able to use the general data, and have the option to pay more for any additional insight if needed.

Think about how much your private information is worth. I recommend that consumers begin to be more hesitant when it comes to giving companies ownership of their personal information. They should take advantage of the data applications that allow them to receive monetary rewards for the things they do on a daily basis. Data ownership will become a revolution in the digital economy for years to come.

Source: Datafloq | Monetizing Your Personal Data: From Data Ownership to Data Usage

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Advertising from a Millennial’s Point of View

The most effective advertisements are those that trigger a response. As a student of marketing looking to be a marketing professional someday, I am very interested in the many forms of advertising and the consumer response that comes from it. When most people would choose to change the channel during a commercial, I on the other hand tend to pay close attention to the strategy used, the target market, and the approach that agencies use to create the commercials. So of course on Superbowl Sunday I’m there for the commercial breaks just as much as I am the game.

Advertisements should be presented to its target consumer accordingly because our perception can be different on so many topics. A few of many factors such as; age, culture, gender, and religion all play into how an advertisement should be presented. For example gender. Because I’m a woman certain things will appeal to me that wouldn’t even matter to a guy. Like scented laundry detergent for example. There are very few guys that I know that would select a laundry detergent based on whether or not it smells like a fresh spring morning, or a relaxing lavender oasis. If a company were to use the scent of their detergent as a selling point, I would assume their target market would be women. On the other hand, if the selling point of the same product were to show how it can get car oil, dirt, and grime out of a uniform or jumpsuit, then I would assume it was for a guy. You can say this is stereotypical, but these stereotypes play into these respective gender roles.

I tend to purchase products based on its price more so than a needs basis. If I see a great deal I buy it, even if I wasn’t intending on it. I can be labeled as an impulse shopper. This seems to always happen when I shop at Target retail stores. At Target I use their mobile coupon app called Cartwheel, along with the Target Red Card which gives me 5% off every purchase I make. I can visit a Target store with the intentions of getting paper towels, but then be alerted by my app that there is a BOGO (buy one get one free) on applesauce. Paired with my 5% discount from using my Red Card, that’s a total steal! How can I not make that purchase? Its great marketing also. The downside though is that in the process of their promotion through these mobile apps, it automatically shares my saving with my friends on my Facebook page. This means more promotion for them, but unwanted ads popping up on my Facebook friend’s timeline.  Ultimately, the 5% off that I’m saving doesn’t equate to amount of revenue and promotion retailers are gaining. It definitely isn’t worth losing any Facebook friends either.

This can also be the case with internet ads as well. While internet ads can be deemed annoying to some, I on the other time find them very useful. Your search engine history can host a lot of useful information for retailers. I remember searching for a specific model of Michael Kors watches. I did my usual online shopping on a lot of popular retail store websites and in the midst of that I noticed a pop up on the right hand side of my monitor. The pop up ad displayed an Amazon listing for the watch with the lowest price there is online. It definitely cut my browsing time short. Internet ads are useful because they’re relevant. Unlike the beacons I mentioned earlier, which will promote any sale item at the moment, regardless if they are relevant to what I’m needing.

In my opinion radio ads are the least effective for companies. With today’s modern ways of streaming commercial free music radio ads will result in the least amount of consumer reach. In fact there are very few electronics that even have a radio installed in them. Music apps have taken the place of radio for the very reason that listeners can avoid unnecessary commercials.  Which is why companies have gotten smart and have started paying artists to endorse their products in their music.

While a television promotion may seem to be a much better route for companies, again, relevancy is key. Depending on the time of day, the channel, or television program I’m watching, I would rather see an appropriate commercial. Airing a commercial for a nursing mother shortly before an alcohol commercial is certainly not considered appropriate.

With that being said, if you’re still using a traditional “shot gun” approach to your advertising then you’re stuck in the 1990’s. In 2016 a successful company will first pin point their target audience based off analytical data from a variety of resources, then use the appropriate forms of advertising that appeals to them.

profile-photo Contributing Editor: Samantha Adindu | Marketing Representative for Sharn Enterprises Inc.

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Sharn Enterprises Inc.| For Our Manufacturing Partners

Here at Sharn Enterprises Inc. we offer complete manufacturing and fabrication capabilities for all of your acrylic, wood, or metal projects.

Our full service design and production team has the ability, resources and experience to transform concept to reality.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Acrylic, wood, sheet metal, wire and tubing fabrication.

acrylic-parts1 (2)


  • CNC – punching and cutting

steel-fabricated-turret-punche (1)

  • Welding (Spot/MIG/TIG)
  • CNC hydraulic and mechanical press brakes
  • Rolling and special forming
  • Auto Cad 2D/3D Design and product development
  • In house silk screening
  • Assembly and packing

We do all of this work in our own facilities which helps you to avoid high costs from third party manufacturers. Our in-house production capability gives us greater control over all aspects of the manufacturing process and provides you with the pricing advantage you require.

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Technology in Retail Merchandising: Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

Retailers are now using high technology & interactive displays to attract store visitors. Interactive retail merchandising displays are currently one of the top trends in product merchandising.

Have you ever experienced walking into a store and receiving notifications on your phone about current sales at the stores you’re in? This is what happens when retailers use beacons to gather data on in-store traffic. Beacons are a highly controversial form of retail technology. Some beacons operate through store apps installed on shopper’s mobile devices.  They notify shoppers of sales and promotions, and even offer mobile coupons to be used at purchase. Retailers then gain feedback on how many offers were redeemed, as well as stats on consumer product inquiries. While good for merchants and retailers, some consumers worry about the safety and privacy of these beacons that know their very location. Despite this, of the 1,400 U.S consumers that took part in a survey it was found that most shoppers would opt in to being tracked by beacons while shopping if given the proper incentives such as coupons, and promotions.

Interactive POP displays are another form of technology that is becoming more dominant in retail merchandising. Interactive displays can have multiple benefits for retailers.  Most of these fall into three basic categories which are;  interactive, informational, and functional displays  For instance, a custom wine display designed and manufactured here at Sharn Enterprises serves an interactive display by allowing shoppers to select a dinner entrée and then automatically pairing it with a wine that is complimentary to the meal. At the bottom of the display are the storage compartments with all the wines suggested on the monitor.


Sharn also created a Bumpstep interactive, informational display for consumers. This display included a monitor that allows shoppers to learn of the many features that this Bump Step product offers. As you can see, the display itself has plenty of the products featured available for purchase.


These interactive displays feature audio, video, motion, etc which has great benefit for retailers and merchants. One being that it draws attention of the “Impulse shopper”. These attractive displays cause consumers to spend more time browsing and interacting with products. In return, retailers will see a boost in sales. Despite the benefits of these interactive displays some may come with complications. There is always the possibility that these displays can be slow to load the video or audio content, or failure due to power outages.  Occasionally you may encounter costly and time consuming repairs. Because Sharn Enterprises specializes in POP and custom displays, we have found various ways to create these interactive displays while avoiding most of the expensive troubleshooting.  For example; utilizing back up batteries. In the case of equipment failure the backup batteries will kick in to gear ensuring the display will remain active. This secondary source of power will always prevent the displays from failure.

So our question is, do the benefits of interactive displays outweigh the disadvantages? Is the high technology in retail merchandising displays worthy of being put to use? Manufacturers  and merchants, we would love to hear what you think. To learn more about our Company, its products and services, please visit our website at
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Loyalty: Our Pledge To You

Some people define loyalty as having a strong feeling of support or sense of duty and consistent devotion. Words such as faithful, allegiance, and dedication are all descriptive terms used as synonyms for loyalty. Loyalty implies that there is longevity within the relationships involved. Sharn Enterprises Inc. has always shown loyalty in its relationships with its customers, employees, and vendors for well over 42 years.

Here at Sharn we support the American worker. President Roger A. Wandersee has been with Sharn Enterprises Inc. for 17 years now. Our plant manager has been with the company for 31 years. We also have several other employees that have been with the company for up to 12 to 15 years. This type of loyalty is a symbol of dedication to the job that they do. Sharn Enterprises stresses the importance in supporting their employees by providing and exceptional work environment along with fair work practices. In return we see an improvement in the quality of their work performance which adds to the strength of the company.


Loyalty can also be seen in the relationship we have with our customers. Here at Sharn, we see that we keep a continuous relationship and support for every customer that we have partnered with. Some of which have been with us for more than 25 years. This can be credited to our innovative designs, fair prices, quality, and service. Our reputation of customer loyalty attracts new customers every year and helps our company to continue to grow.

Our vendors are one of the many reason that we are able to provide our customers with such great quality products. Many companies evaluate a vendor based solely on price. While price is very important, so is the consistency in the quality of the materials that they provide along with the service they offer. We continuously respect them, and they respect us.

Sharn bar display

I personally like the Webster’s definition of loyalty which is “having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something”. That’s how we have been treating our customers, employees, and vendors here at Sharn Enterprises for over 42 years! We are devoted to being loyal in these relationship for many more years to come.

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“A proud American manufacturer”

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