Advertising from a Millennial’s Point of View

The most effective advertisements are those that trigger a response. As a student of marketing looking to be a marketing professional someday, I am very interested in the many forms of advertising and the consumer response that comes from it. When most people would choose to change the channel during a commercial, I on the other hand tend to pay close attention to the strategy used, the target market, and the approach that agencies use to create the commercials. So of course on Superbowl Sunday I’m there for the commercial breaks just as much as I am the game.

Advertisements should be presented to its target consumer accordingly because our perception can be different on so many topics. A few of many factors such as; age, culture, gender, and religion all play into how an advertisement should be presented. For example gender. Because I’m a woman certain things will appeal to me that wouldn’t even matter to a guy. Like scented laundry detergent for example. There are very few guys that I know that would select a laundry detergent based on whether or not it smells like a fresh spring morning, or a relaxing lavender oasis. If a company were to use the scent of their detergent as a selling point, I would assume their target market would be women. On the other hand, if the selling point of the same product were to show how it can get car oil, dirt, and grime out of a uniform or jumpsuit, then I would assume it was for a guy. You can say this is stereotypical, but these stereotypes play into these respective gender roles.

I tend to purchase products based on its price more so than a needs basis. If I see a great deal I buy it, even if I wasn’t intending on it. I can be labeled as an impulse shopper. This seems to always happen when I shop at Target retail stores. At Target I use their mobile coupon app called Cartwheel, along with the Target Red Card which gives me 5% off every purchase I make. I can visit a Target store with the intentions of getting paper towels, but then be alerted by my app that there is a BOGO (buy one get one free) on applesauce. Paired with my 5% discount from using my Red Card, that’s a total steal! How can I not make that purchase? Its great marketing also. The downside though is that in the process of their promotion through these mobile apps, it automatically shares my saving with my friends on my Facebook page. This means more promotion for them, but unwanted ads popping up on my Facebook friend’s timeline.  Ultimately, the 5% off that I’m saving doesn’t equate to amount of revenue and promotion retailers are gaining. It definitely isn’t worth losing any Facebook friends either.

This can also be the case with internet ads as well. While internet ads can be deemed annoying to some, I on the other time find them very useful. Your search engine history can host a lot of useful information for retailers. I remember searching for a specific model of Michael Kors watches. I did my usual online shopping on a lot of popular retail store websites and in the midst of that I noticed a pop up on the right hand side of my monitor. The pop up ad displayed an Amazon listing for the watch with the lowest price there is online. It definitely cut my browsing time short. Internet ads are useful because they’re relevant. Unlike the beacons I mentioned earlier, which will promote any sale item at the moment, regardless if they are relevant to what I’m needing.

In my opinion radio ads are the least effective for companies. With today’s modern ways of streaming commercial free music radio ads will result in the least amount of consumer reach. In fact there are very few electronics that even have a radio installed in them. Music apps have taken the place of radio for the very reason that listeners can avoid unnecessary commercials.  Which is why companies have gotten smart and have started paying artists to endorse their products in their music.

While a television promotion may seem to be a much better route for companies, again, relevancy is key. Depending on the time of day, the channel, or television program I’m watching, I would rather see an appropriate commercial. Airing a commercial for a nursing mother shortly before an alcohol commercial is certainly not considered appropriate.

With that being said, if you’re still using a traditional “shot gun” approach to your advertising then you’re stuck in the 1990’s. In 2016 a successful company will first pin point their target audience based off analytical data from a variety of resources, then use the appropriate forms of advertising that appeals to them.

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