Why a Custom Made Product Display is Necessary for Your Brand

Product Differentiation & Brand Presence

As a brand owner it is important to be sure that your brand and products stand out from your competitors. In a store full of similar products, you want to be sure that you have product differentiation. At Sharn Enterprises Inc. we create custom made product displays. Your display can be fully detailed to fit only your designated products and equipped with signage of your brands logo. With a custom made product display you have landed yourself a permanent designated spot in the store. This makes it difficult for other brands to simply replace your logo or signage which can cause you to lose your valuable retail position, and unfortunately several sales. Custom made product displays emphasized the unique image that you have created for your brand.bettinardi-belt-buckle-display


A custom display is designed around your specific product; its size, packaging, and the quantities to be offered, etc. At Sharn Enterprises Inc. we can customize displays that have optional modular compartments. For example our Carhartt modular clothing display. This display contains 3 modular compartments, each of which can be ordered separately. This is convenient so that as your sales increase you can simply just add the modular piece opposed to paying more to replace the entire unit when it needs updating.
2 Shelf Hat Topper.jpg

A custom-made product display designed and manufactured by Sharn Enterprises, Inc. will get your products noticed! That’s what our customers have been saying for over 40 years.

To learn more about our products and services, visit our website at www.sharndisplays.com.

A proud American manufacturer.

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