A Time To Support and Take Action

After a very tense election with two of the most controversial candidates, our 45th President of the United States is Donald Trump. This election was filled with much doubt due to ongoing controversy & scandals, and even doubts from the public in the qualifications of the candidates. If any of the doubt held true, you probably would have voted for “none of the above”.  Regardless of our vote, the election is history now. It’s time to put the partisanship and gridlock behind us and begin to support our President.

Even though the election tends to highlight the divisiveness here in America, we have many common interests.  We are all concerned with the economic challenges that we are facing in areas such as unemployment, inflation. We are all concerned with the criminal justice system, as well as healthcare reform, and education. Not only are we worried about our own future, but that of our children, and grandchildren’s future as well. 

So, now that the election is over, the question becomes “What do we do now?”  This is a moment in which we reflect on the importance of voting. Voting is your first step in taking action and getting your voice heard. Government changes occurred yesterday by many Americans going to the polls and peacefully expressing our preferences.  Donald Trump won, and he is our President for the next 4 years.  We have also elected a number of other Federal, State and local officials who also now represent us.

us_flagWe must congratulate and support them, but most of all, continue to make your concerns known to them.  Society gets the type of government they deserve.  So don’t just vote and quit, rather vote and take a step further in the process by making your concerns known to those whom you have just elected.

Included in the article are two links. One is for the White House (click here), while the other is for Congress (click here). Election officials have recently been asking for your vote. Continue the process of having your voice heard and really tell them what’s on your mind.

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