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Smartwatches are one of the top trending accessories for 2017. They are seen to be the next generation of devices that will improve the lives of consumers. Brands, service providers, and professionals in the health care industry are looking to capitalize on the devices which will give them a better insight on consumer activity.

The “always on” nature of these watches are consistent with the current and ever growing trend in technology. Consumers and healthcare professionals are interested in knowing and receiving data quickly with just a glance at the wrist.

Smart watches come with different features ranging from useful applications, communication features (phone calls, texts), fitness trackers, to athleisure fashion trend. Retailers should take advantage of these gadget accessories which are easily sold and complimentary with active wear.

Sharn Enterprises offers a variety of watch and accessories displays to beautifully display these watches in your store. We also manufacture custom interactive displays that will allow you to display the cool features that smartwatches have to offer.


In the next few years, the smartwatch market will likely see the addition of new functionality and increased capabilities, which will see the sales grow at an annualized rate of 18% through 2021 to reach 70 million units via Business Insider.

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