Store Design Tips

When arranging your store, design decisions play a huge role in whether you make a sale or not. Here are some common design strategies that retailers can employ that lead to generating more sales for your store.

  • Eye-catching displays | Or “speed bumps” as I like to call them create a focal point for customers. When customers first walk into a store there are so many products, signage, and people that act as a distraction. Be sure that your best and newest item is clearly visible and prominently displayed in order to attract customers. Incorporating a customized product display for your premium items is a sure way to get them noticed. Sharn bar displayCustomized displays like those designed by Sharn Enterprises allow you to tell your brand’s story, while separating your best products from the others.
  • Creating a path | Depends on the general size and layout of your store. Once you’ve made use of the custom displays, arrange them in your store in a way that allows for maximum exposure to most of your store’s products. You want to literally create a pathway of displays in the store that will direct traffic starting from the entry point and ending at checkout. The goal is to be sure the customer has seen the most products possible.
  • three-tier-bracelet-bar13 x 10 Acrylic SignMake the most of your checkout space | You’ve caught their eyes with the display, guided them throughout the store, now the point of sale station is your last chance to get shoppers to purchase those last minute impulse items. Make use of your checkout counters by displaying products close by. Given there is little space, multi tier displays allow you to stack more products than a traditional display. Also take advantage of the wall behind the counter to make room for more signage that tells the customers of current promotions or store information.


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