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Spring is here, so the grass is greener and the sun is shining. With the spring weather warming up it is the best time to prominently display accessories for outdoor activities.  Trending in retail during this time of year is golf supplies and accessories. Stocking golf clubs and golf balls are a must, but remember to stock additional golf accessories as well. For example, gloves, belts, bags, sun visors, practice mats, etc. Be sure to have these items fully stocked and prominently displayed. Sharn Enterprises in a manufacturer of custom made displays in which you can use to beautifully display these products. A custom product display will not only get your products noticed, but sold as well. Here are a few suggestions on how to display your golf supplies and accessories.

golf club displayThis compact putter display is designed to give any shop or sports equipment store a unique way to show off their golf clubs. As any golfer knows, there is a wide variety of putter sizes to choose from. Our CNC routed acrylic base cover is designed to fit a variety of sizes and shapes.




web belt displayThis web belt display is an attractive, 2 sided counter display. This was originally designed for web belts, but can just as easily hold socks, scarves, or practically any of your carded products. Very affordable.





bettinardi beltThis belt buckle display is designed to show off samples of the excellent craftsmanship of your products. With just a few small changes this counter display can be used to feature jewelry items like bracelets, rings, and cuff links.





Contact Sharn to work with our professional design team to work with you to create a display that is specifically made for your products. Also visit our Instagram @sharnenterprisesinc to see more featured products displays.

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