Loyalty, Trust, & Confidence

Sharn Enterprises has been in business for over 43 years, and we have learned some important things along the way.  We are driven by our commitment to gain loyalty, trust and confidence from our customers. These characteristics are the foundation of how we do business.
Many businesses can credit customer loyalty for the reason that they have success.  What does it take to get a customer to be loyal to your company? It’s really quite simple. The key to customer loyalty lies in putting the interests of the customer ahead of your own.
customer loyaltyIn a nutshell; loyalty is the key to profitability. This is because the cost involved with advertising to get new customers is much more than the costs involved with maintaining the ones you have. With that being said, loyalty just doesn’t happen overnight. According to Jeff Gitomer, author of books on topics like sales and customer loyalty suggests 8 rules that could put you on the right track:

  • Have a business philosophy that emphasizes relationship building.
  • Define a unique niche and become the customer’s expert on it.
  • Help the customer build the customer’s own business.
  • Translate what you offer into the customer’s business results.
  • Value the relationship more than making your quota.
  • Think end-of-time friendships, not end-of-month totals.
  • Achieve a perfect job of delivering what you’ve promised.
  • Provide absolutely impeccable service after the sale.

As you can see, every rule caters to the needs of the customer. At Sharn, some of our customers have been with us for over 25 years.  That is because we offer product integrity, fairness in price, and unparalleled customer service.  We also “walk the walk” with our employees as well. The average seniority of our workforce is 11 years, and we are very proud of that.  They are our family. We represent the true spirit of American small business.

To learn more about our product and services visit our website at http://www.sharndisplays.com

A proud American manufacturer.

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