About Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

We Offer Free Design Assistance
Since 1974, Sharn Enterprises has been a leader in the fabrication of wood, metal, and acrylic products. Due to our significant knowledge and experience, we are able to efficiently produce lower cost parts that meet the highest quality standards.
Sharn Enterprises, Inc. is a leading single source provider in today’s highly competitive POP display industry. Through the years, we have provided a broad range of innovative custom store fixtures to many of the nation’s top retailers and manufacturers. Our customers continue to benefit from our ability to manufacture both small and large quantities at the lowest possible price while incorporating various materials and maintaining manufacturing precision and product integrity. In 2008, we moved to a brand new, modern 26,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This move enabled us to expand, increase productivity, and enhance our efficiency in order to keep our costs extremely competitive. Please, check out our pricing and photos! We believe you will be pleasantly surprised!
Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the finest in quality and service at a reasonable cost. We realize you have many choices in suppliers, but Sharn Enterprises would like to “earn” your business. We hope you will allow us to be of service to you.
We specialize in the following areas:
————————–METAL FABRICATION——————————
*We fabricate all gauges of sheet metal, tube and wire, bright basic to galvanized, stainless to specialty metals.
  • Wire forming, rolling and grid welding
  • Spot/ MIG/TIG Welding
  • CNC Punching & Cutting
  • CNC Turret Punch Press
  • Multiple CNC Hydraulic & Mechanical Press Brakes
  • Drilling & Tapping

————————–ACRYLIC FABRICATION—————————–

  • CNC Routing
  • Computerized Cutting
  • Drilling & Machining
  • Heat Bending
  • Solvent & Adhesive Bonding
  • Flame Polishing

——————————WOOD FABRICATION——————————

  • CNC Routing
  • Computerized Cutting
  • Custom Laminating
  • Edge Banding
  • Drilling & Machining
  • Gluing/ Fastening
  • Staining/ Painting
  • Sanding and Finishing

*Post fabrication finishing and silk screening available on all products*

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