A Sense of Humor

First of all, managing a business is not funny — It’s hard work!

We have orders to ship, vendors to pay, employee issues, time constraints, and so it goes, on and on. We worry about whether or not we are profitable or just digging a bigger financial hole to climb out of. We wonder if we are keeping all of our customers happy, and if they will keep coming back to us.

Yeah – that’s a lot to worry about, and I have observed over the years that the temperament of the “boss” can make a bad situation worse, or it can often turn things around and make them better.

funny quote

In my opinion, a boss with a good sense of humor goes a long way to minimizing many of these problems.  He or she tends to set the tone for the entire work force.  Remember, being the “boss” doesn’t mean that you are the only one who cares about these things.  Unless you have done just a miserable job of hiring your employees, you can rest assured that your employees also care about sales, the customers, vendors, and especially a stable work environment. After all, unless they plan to win the lottery, they need their jobs, and you need their labor, their skill and their trust.

So my advice to you is — be serious about your business, just don’t take yourself too seriously!

Roger Wandersee, President of Sharn Enterprises, Inc

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