Product Displays

Product Displays

Which should I choose?

Custom made or stock displays?

Which type is right for your specific brand?

Your brand is the best, Right?  You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money in building your brand. So, when you finally go to market, you need to decide which approach best suits your particular brand. Which approach will get your products noticed, and more importantly… SOLD?At Sharn Enterprises, we believe “Custom Made” point of purchase displays are the answer and here is why:

  • Product Differentiation When Sharn Enterprises designs a custom display for you, it is unique, and it sets your products apart. It emphasizes the unique image that you have created for your brand. In short, it gets your product noticed!
  • Foot print As you know, floor space is “gold” to both you and your retailer.  A custom display is designed around your specific product, size, packaging, and the quantities to be offered.  It also can include a modular concept, so that as your sales increase you can just add the modular piece which saves you from replacing the entire unit when it needs updating.
  • Brand Presence When using a permanent display, you have gained a valuable foot hold within the store itself.  Conversely, when you order a stock display it’s fairly easy for a competitor to take over your space by just replacing your logo or signage. You’ve lost your valuable retail position, and lost several sales.  I bet this has happened too many of you who use stock displays.

In any retail store, there are literally thousands of items that come in to view as the shopper walks through the store.  Some people (like me) just go in a store with the single purpose to buy a particular item, and then we leave.  More people (like my wife) often go to the store with a similar purpose, but they also like to browse around to see what the store is offering today.  Shopping is a visual event and you want to engage the shopper quickly, create interest in your product, and have them put it in their shopping cart before something else grabs their attention.

A custom made product display, designed and manufactured by Sharn Enterprises will get your products noticed!  That’s what our customers have been saying for 38 years!  Contact us for details.

Profits are important, but people are too!

Recently, some employees of Sharn Enterprises, Inc. had the wonderful opportunity to join over 450 other volunteers to help pack food for hungry children. This two day event was a “Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack” (FMSC) held right here in Frankfort Illinois. FMSC is the nation’s most experienced mobile food-packing and distribution charity here in the United States. Working together with local communities they ship food to hungry children in 67 countries throughout the world.

Some of Sharn’s employees became involved in the all-important fund raising and marketing effort which is necessary for such a large scale even. Over the course of this two day event over 116,000 meals were packed. These meals are already in a container being shipped overseas, to orphanages, hospitals, and schools in underprivileged countries.

Roger Wandersee, President of Sharn Enterprises said, “Profits are important to a company, as well as their employees and vendors. It’s also important for a company to have a “social conscience”, and be prepared to give back to its community, country, and people who are in need.”

Sharn Enterprises, Inc. – A proud American Manufacturing Company.

Internship Follow-up: “Be a small business “mentor.” Save money and time!”

In January, I wrote about the opportunity many of us have to “Be a small business “mentor.”  Save money and time!” That was based on my viewpoint as the company President.  Now, I’d like to share with you how one of our students feels about combining work, school, family, and being mentored here at Sharn Enterprises.  


It means no more taking exams, writing papers, reading extremely boring books, or juggling group work and projects. I am free! I have waited so long to graduate from college and the day has come! I proved to myself that I am strong, determined, and capable. Now I am ready for the “real-world”…

Balancing work, home, and school:

Balancing these three seemed harder to me than any subject I had ever studied. I often found myself exhausted from lack of sleep, and pulling all-nighters so that I could take care of my work and family during daylight hours. I often look back and wonder how I made it all happen!

How I plan to use my education:

You would think that I have all the answers and know where I’m going now that I am done with school, but in today’s economy it remains a mystery. I have applied to numerous jobs and have yet to hear back from anyone- could it have something to do with graduating from the biggest graduating class my school has ever had? I’m not sure, but I do know that I plan on becoming a financial analyst who will spend her free time volunteering at a non-profit organization who helps needy families manage their finances.

My experience at Sharn Enterprises:

My biggest “take away” is that I experienced how to market a manufacturing company on a business to business level. Over the years, I have had much experience marketing on a business to consumer level but realized how different the two are; I feel that B2B is harder but I know that I am capable of the task.

Confidence, determination, and now “real world experience”. 

Way to go Tina!

Become a small business mentor today.

Why Pay More? Buy Direct from the Manufacturer!

When you buy direct from the manufacturer there is no middleman, distributor, dealer or extra markup -SAVING YOU around 50% to 75%! From the manufacturer to the end consumer, the product’s price rises as the middlemen need to get decent profits for their services.

Some believe that in order to save a lot of money from manufacturers you must buy an insane number of products, but with Sharn Enterprises, Inc. that is not the case – Sharn welcomes both small and large orders. The only thing that we have in common with other manufacturers is that the more you order, the more leverage we have in extending greater savings to you.

Sharn Enterprises, Inc. has been in business for over 37 years and we have caring, and capable employees who can guide you through the entire process of purchasing displays – from design to finished product shipped anywhere in the USA.

If you are interested in buying direct from a manufacturer but are unsure of where to begin, please contact our designers/account managers Roger S. W. and Scott S. at (815) 464-9715, or visit our website at .

Here are some photos of our warehouse and machines used to aid in the manufacturing process:


PGA Show in Orlando, Fl. – Check out Sharn Enterprises’ work in action!

PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida - Check out Sharn's work in action!

Sharn Enterprises, Inc. recently manufactured several custom-made belt and bag displays for the January 28th PGA show in Orlando, Fl.

One of our customers called us because they needed “something different” for their booth- something that would hold a wide variety of their products. We were only too happy to accommodate them, even though we only had 10 days to come through!

One of our top Designers then flew down to Orlando to personally see how everything came out. He was delighted to see the crowds in their booth!

Be a small business “mentor.” Save money and time!

        Be a small business “mentor.”  Save money and time!

The resources available to many small businesses are often limited.  We frequently struggle to get more productivity out of every dollar that we, as business owners, invest.   There are many ways that we, at Sharn Enterprises, have saved money by using resources available from local community colleges- and you can too!

Here are two examples:

  1. Internships:   Help yourself and a young college student by filling a traditional job with an internship.  There are programs available to you that help pay a portion of the intern’s salary.  Most interns work “part-time,” so you can fill a needed job with as little as 10 to 12 paid hours per week.  These folks are young (but mature), enthusiastic, educated, and eager to learn!  You can save yourself money and time, by becoming a small business mentor”.                                                                                                               
  2. Small business departments:  Most of our local colleges have a small business department.  These folks have the job of assisting local companies with everything from performing analytic project or process work, marketing assistance, loan preparation advice, or even helping you create a business plan.  Most of this work is performed by Senior or MBA level students. 

So, if you would like some great free advice, don’t hesitate to contact your local college business office for more information.

         If you would like more information about Sharn Enterprises, visit

Made in the USA!

Sharn Enterprises , Inc. – Display products made exclusively in  AMERICA  !

Research shows that customers are beginning to look more and more for “Made in America” products, and they are developing a “shop local” mind-set.

In this most difficult of economies, with unemployment greater than 8%, your customers want to help support our domestic economy.  Did you know that, currently, the Chinese trade surplus with the United States is over 19.45 billion dollars? We need to do a better job of keeping U.S. Dollars and U.S. jobs right here in America!

Your customers want to be able to rely on good old-fashioned American quality, reliability, and service.  If they have a question or concern, they want to be able to speak locally to a person, not a machine or someone in a call center overseas. They are entitled to quick answers and even faster responses to their concerns.

As Sharn’s customer, we want to help reduce your overall costs.  Don’t order more than what you need  just to meet someone else’s minimum, or to get a better shipping cost. Sharn Enterprises is concerned about your total investment (ROI), and we gladly accept smaller type orders. Sharn also offers you regular credit terms so you don’t have to pay in advance for items that you haven’t even seen yet. Since we are a Midwest based manufacturing company, your lead time is much quicker, and your shipping costs will be much lower.

Sharn Enterprises is a domestic manufacturer of point of purchase products.  We have been dealing with our loyal customers for over 35 years.  We make it easy for you to do business with us, and even easier to communicate with us.  Call us at (815) 464-9715, e-mail us at,  or visit our website at, for more information.