We are all taught from a very young age to compete.  We’ve done that in school with our grades, promotions within the workplace, as well as in all of our various sporting events. We are taught that competition is good for us.  That competition makes you strive to achieve and fulfill your greatest potential.

Webster’s Dictionary defines competition as “a test of skill or ability” or “the activity of competing as for a profit or a prize”. Beat-the-Competition

As most of you know, competition in business can be challenging. Successfully growing a business is often dependent on having a strong competitive edge that gradually builds a core of loyal customers, which increases over time.  At Sharn Enterprises, this is what has allowed us to do business for more than 43 years!

When a potential customer approaches us and asks the inevitable question “Why should we buy from Sharn?” we let them know that;

  • You can count on our 43 years of reliable, efficient, and timely service.
  • Since everything is manufactured “under one roof” we are able to closely control both our quality and our pricing to you.
  • We are a proud American manufacturer!
  • We provide free custom design assistance. That’s just one of the benefits of dealing with our customer friendly staff.
  • Since we are privately owned, we have unique flexibility on everything ranging from the scheduling of small to large orders, pricing, and customer terms.
  • Finally the biggest reason; “We want to do business with you!

Sharn Enterprises has maintained a way to stay relevant among our competitors. We have also helped our customers to stand out from their competitors by providing them with custom retail product displays. What steps do you take to remain competitive? Comment below, we’d love to hear your responses!

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 A Proud American Manufacturer

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Frequently Asked Questions

When customers come to Sharn Enterprises for help with planning their product roll out, they often ask the same questions. Listed below are the answers to five most common questions that we are asked.
Do you carry stock displays? While we do stock some generic types of displays, our main focus is in providing a custom made point of purchase display specifically made and branded for you, your product, and your ultimate customer. Space utilization, return on investment, and the visual brand impact is what separates you from your competitors, and get your products sold.
Do you offer samples? Yes, no problem. First, we would like to offer you a CAD 2- D spec drawing to make sure we are including all of the details necessary to make you a perfect sample. A drawing usually can be created the same or next day.
How long will it take for the display to be made? A sample based on the CAD drawing, usually takes 7 to 10 working days depending on the actual finished design and the availability of the raw materials. Actual order production time usually varies between 4 and 8 weeks largely depending on the size of the order.
How much does a custom display typically cost? Sharn Enterprises offers free design assistance for drawings and the prototypes are nominally priced, just enough to cover the costs of some materials we had to buy. The price for your finished display will vary depending on the materials and labor costs involved. We are a proud American manufacturer located locally in the Midwest. Our costs, minimums order amounts, and our freight expenses are usually much less expensive than our nearest competitors.
Custom displays are typically more costly than a stock display. In what ways can I get a quality display at an affordable value?  That’s the whole point of a custom made display. Not only is it made to fit your specific product but it is also made to fit your specific budget. After we learn about your product, program, and what you’re trying to accomplish, we can suggest exactly the right design and materials that you will need to get the job done and still hold down the price.

To learn more about our products and services, visit our website at If you have any more questions please send them to

A Proud American Manufacturer

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Sharn is Here For Your Fabrication Needs

Sharn Enterprises offers complete fabrication capabilities for all of your acrylic, wood, or metal projects. Because of our significant knowledge and experience that we have in each of these areas, we can efficiently produce lower cost parts that meet the highest quality standards. Our in- house production capabilities give us greater control over all aspects of the manufacturing process. We specialize in the following areas:

Metal Fabricationsteel-fabricated-turret-punche (1)Steel Fabricated Turret Punched & Bent Parts-2.1

  • Wire forming, rolling and grid welding
  • Spot/MIG/TIG/Welding
  • CNC punching & cutting
  • CNC Turret Punch PressSteel Fabricated Silk Screened Latches1
  • Multiple CNC hydraulic and mechanical press brakes

Acrylic Fabricationacrylic-parts1 (2)

  • CNC routing
  • Computerized cutting
  • Drilling & machining
  • Heat Bending
  • Solvent & adhesive bonding
  • Flame polishing

Wood FabricationDSC04784

  • CNC routing
  • Computerized cutting
  • Custom laminating
  • Edge banding
  • Drilling & Machining
  • Gluing/ Fastening
  • Staining/Painting
  • Sanding Finishing

Our services also include auto CAD 2D/3D design and product development, in house silk screening, assembly and packing services. 

All of our work is manufactured in house so there are no inflated or marked up prices associated as would be if your project was handle through a third party manufacturer.

For more information on our products and services visit our website at

A Proud American Manufacturer

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A Valuable College Experience

As I was approaching the day of my college graduation I often found myself reflecting on my experiences. Last week I became a graduate of Governors State University’s College of Business with my bachelors degree in Business Management. I received my associates degree in Business Administration two years earlier at Prairie State College. Within the last four years I have had many experiences and internships that shaped the way that I make my career decisions. I’ve found that one of the most important takeaways I’ve come across is that while my education is very important, it is the experiences that I had that hold the most value.

I was what most would consider a non-traditional student. Being that I was raising a toddler, working full time including an internship, and approaching my late 20’s, the challenges that I faced are much different than the average college students. Despite this, I did not let my situations define who I was. My situations only acted as motivation to reach my goal. I knew I would face many challenges, and because of this I would have to work harder. In fact, one of my many quotes I was driven by is: “If hard work pays off, then easy work is worthless”.gsu jaguar

The many people I met these past few years will always be of value to me. Everyone including my professors, faculty members, administration, students, supervisors, co-workers, and of course my friends and family. My experiences with these people provided me with letters of recommendation, references, guidance, words of wisdom, and most importantly life lessons. The support I received is undeniably the reason my education was so successful. I will forever be indebted to these people and my hope is to pay it forward to those that are following suit.

I also joined every club, or organization possible and took advantage of every opportunity presented. While at Prairie State College I held the title as News Editor for the school’s newspaper, and became a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I enrolled in the Dual Degree program which provided me with scholarships and made it possible for me to earn two degrees in only four years. I took on two internships which really shaped my life. More specifically my experience as Marketing Intern at Sharn Enterprises, Inc.. I was fortunate enough to intern with the company which regularly offers internship opportunities to students. I was taught many useful skills that I can apply in life and as I entered into the workforce. Also, the career services department on campus played a huge part in me landing my first full time opportunity before I even crossed the stage.

We choose go to college to gain more knowledge in the career fields of our choice so that we are “employable”. While this is very important,  what I found was that the people I met and the experiences that I had is what is most valuable to my life and career. I encourage every student to network and be eager for more. Form a relationship with faculty and administration, seek those internships, and join those clubs and organizations. I will be forever grateful that I did. I am excited for the many experiences that I have to look forward to!

profile photo

Samantha Adindu | Marketing Intern

To learn more about our products and services visit our website at

A Proud American Manufacturer

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Loyalty, Trust, & Confidence

Sharn Enterprises has been in business for over 43 years, and we have learned some important things along the way.  We are driven by our commitment to gain loyalty, trust and confidence from our customers. These characteristics are the foundation of how we do business.
Many businesses can credit customer loyalty for the reason that they have success.  What does it take to get a customer to be loyal to your company? It’s really quite simple. The key to customer loyalty lies in putting the interests of the customer ahead of your own.
customer loyaltyIn a nutshell; loyalty is the key to profitability. This is because the cost involved with advertising to get new customers is much more than the costs involved with maintaining the ones you have. With that being said, loyalty just doesn’t happen overnight. According to Jeff Gitomer, author of books on topics like sales and customer loyalty suggests 8 rules that could put you on the right track:

  • Have a business philosophy that emphasizes relationship building.
  • Define a unique niche and become the customer’s expert on it.
  • Help the customer build the customer’s own business.
  • Translate what you offer into the customer’s business results.
  • Value the relationship more than making your quota.
  • Think end-of-time friendships, not end-of-month totals.
  • Achieve a perfect job of delivering what you’ve promised.
  • Provide absolutely impeccable service after the sale.

As you can see, every rule caters to the needs of the customer. At Sharn, some of our customers have been with us for over 25 years.  That is because we offer product integrity, fairness in price, and unparalleled customer service.  We also “walk the walk” with our employees as well. The average seniority of our workforce is 11 years, and we are very proud of that.  They are our family. We represent the true spirit of American small business.

To learn more about our product and services visit our website at

A proud American manufacturer.

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Branding You

It is important for your business to position itself as a brand. Positioning is a marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a specific position in relation to other competing brands, in the mind of the customer. It’s pretty much how you want your brand to be seen in the eyes of others. From a business and personal aspect, your brand is what makes you, you!
In the process of positioning your brand you want to ask yourself a few questions;
• Who are you?
• Who are you catering to?
• What unique value do you provide to them?
• Why should they believe you? (Your proof)
brandWhy is brand positioning important? Positioning your brand allows you to standout from the crowd. For example, custom made product displays that are made specifically for your product will help you to establish your footprint in any retail store. Brand positioning allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It also allows you to stay true to your brand by ensuring every business decision you make supports your brand message.
Here at Sharn we are a proud American manufacturing company. We create custom made product displays for retail companies, small and large. We provide affordable products and services while maintaining high quality and low prices. With us being a local manufacturing company we eliminate the high costs and minimum order requirements that come from ordering with our competitors. We have been in business for well over 43 years and will continue to provide quality service and products for years to come. That’s who we are! That’s our brand!
To learn more about our products and services visit our website at
A proud American manufacturer.

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Trending in Retail| Golf Supplies

Spring is here, so the grass is greener and the sun is shining. With the spring weather warming up it is the best time to prominently display accessories for outdoor activities.  Trending in retail during this time of year is golf supplies and accessories. Stocking golf clubs and golf balls are a must, but remember to stock additional golf accessories as well. For example, gloves, belts, bags, sun visors, practice mats, etc. Be sure to have these items fully stocked and prominently displayed. Sharn Enterprises in a manufacturer of custom made displays in which you can use to beautifully display these products. A custom product display will not only get your products noticed, but sold as well. Here are a few suggestions on how to display your golf supplies and accessories.

golf club displayThis compact putter display is designed to give any shop or sports equipment store a unique way to show off their golf clubs. As any golfer knows, there is a wide variety of putter sizes to choose from. Our CNC routed acrylic base cover is designed to fit a variety of sizes and shapes.




web belt displayThis web belt display is an attractive, 2 sided counter display. This was originally designed for web belts, but can just as easily hold socks, scarves, or practically any of your carded products. Very affordable.





bettinardi beltThis belt buckle display is designed to show off samples of the excellent craftsmanship of your products. With just a few small changes this counter display can be used to feature jewelry items like bracelets, rings, and cuff links.





Contact Sharn to work with our professional design team to work with you to create a display that is specifically made for your products. Also visit our Instagram @sharnenterprisesinc to see more featured products displays.

Custom golf display ad

A proud American manufacturer

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