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For clothing retailers its important to have current trending fashion in your store. Fashion is ever changing so your clothing selection should always be relevant. The best place to look to for whats hot on the market is the fashion runway! Brands that are featured in popular runway shows will give you an idea of what styles are popular for the up and coming season. We’ve done our research on women’s fashion and here is whats trending in women’s fall fashion in 2017.

  • Color |Burgundy tones and others in the maroon family were seen a lot this year’s fashion shows.
  • Materials | There seemed to be a collective of velvet at this round of shows. Velvet material in the form of hats, bags, dresses, and even tops.
  • Style | Though not new, wide leg pants have caught it’s stride this season and was even seen in the color burgundy. Jumpsuits were seen in many colors, styles, and materials including velvet as was mentioned before.
  • Embroidery | Clothing that has a touch of embroidery for added flare.

You only have just a moment to capture that shopper’s attention, so getting your products noticed is key to your sales. We here at Sharn Enterprises have been designing and manufacturing custom made retail display for over 43 years now. We can create just the right retail display to not only get your products noticed, but to help them get sold!

Check out just a few of the unique designs for women’s products that we have been creating recently.  We would love to help you with your next project.

adjustable hanging jewelry steel counter display                                  FiveFlop-Magic-web                         unnamed

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A Fresh Start | “Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Retail Store

Similar to the start of the new year, the arrival of spring makes way for a renewed outlook. Retail owners find motivation to make much needed changes in their store. When we think of spring cleaning we tend to think of the usual window cleaning, sweeping, and dusting. But as retail owners there are more ways than one to get clean new start on your store this spring. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for retail owners.

Clean up your inventory | Now that we are transitioning from the holidays, and into a weather change, we are sure to have older products sitting on our shelf. We don’t want these older products taking the shelf space of products that will actually sell. Spring is a good time to mark those sale items to clearance, donate any outdated items, and make way for new products. Also, it has been seen that you can increase sales by rotating /renewing your product displays and store fixtures every 12 to 18 months. 11116048_10203205548854457_660770788_nPurchasing a new display will give customers a feel of being a completely new store. Perhaps a custom display will be even better. This is a sure way to get customers in your store and your products sold.

Clean up your email & online presence | With having many demands it is easy to neglect some important areas of our business. Websites and social media presence should be a number 1 priority for your business. Update your web pages with the most recent product photos, contact information, and news for your customers to look forward network Respond to any customer inquiries on your social media accounts and be sure your content is consistent across all platforms you’re using. Filter through your email to delete old and unnecessary contacts, mark spam content, and reply to those emails that your have been putting off for weeks. Having a clean inbox is guaranteed motivation to help you keep up with your business emails.

Clean up your human resources | Your staff is one your most valuable assets to your business. It is important to regularly check in with your staff to give and receive feedback from them. In the long run you’ll notice a boost in employee satisfaction which is proven to increase productivity.staff-meeting-1200x630.jpg This is a good time to evaluate your employees, update employee manuals, and do any additional training if necessary.




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Sell Your Products with an Entertaining Shopping Experience

With malls facing stiff competition from online shopping sites, many malls are adding attractions to entice customers. Entertainment options such as movie theaters, child play areas, gaming rooms, and dining have always been a part of the traditional shopping centers. Many malls have included more complex amusement park like features such as mini golf areas, go kart racing, state of the art movie theaters and skydiving simulators.

The purpose of these attractions are to keep shoppers in the mall longer. Some guests have been known to stay in the mall for a duration of 6 hrs. It is seen that there is a directly proportional relationship between the time and money spent while shopping in stores. The more time that is being spent, more money is being spent as well.

The focus of implementing these entertaining shopping centers comes in response to an increase in competition with online shopping. Popular stores such has Macys have even announced the closing of multiple stores due to the decrease in sales. The goal is to attract shoppers to the mall. The question is, once they make it to the mall, what will make them spend money? It has yet to be seen if these entertainment shopping centers will draw customers to actually shop in the stores. While it is clear that implementing these attractions will draw in the crowd, the key to getting consumers to spend money in your store is to create an eye catching store design. For example, a custom product display is a sure way to get your products sold.

A woman hand carrying a bunch of colorful shopping bags

As you can see, the malls are doing their part to attract crowds of shoppers, and of course individual retail stores are aggressively running sale adds to get shoppers in to their stores, so now it’s up to you.

Now that the shoppers are in the store, you want to make sure that your products stand out from those of your completion.  This is where Sharn Enterprises can help you.  We will design and manufacture a custom made display just for you.  One that will not only help get your product noticed, but more importantly get them sold, all at an affordable price!

Source: Shopping Malls New Product: Fun

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