4 Ways to Prevent a Public Relations Catastrophe

Chick-Fil-A, BP Oil, and Paula Deen; what do these three companies and brands have in common? They were all involved in a public relations nightmare that caused controversies on a national level. In the world of a public relations professional, any one of their stories can be looked at as a worst case scenario when trying to maintain a positive image for the brand he or she is responsible for representing. But why did these three entities sink their own ship? Because they were not prepared for such a disaster and did not think it would ever happen to them.

In order to make sure your company, either large or small, avoids any negativity in the press or community, make sure all members of your team follow some simple steps:

  1. Communicate Effectively– From the bottom of the food chain all the way to the top, make sure all members of the team are aware of the company’s policies and views. Your public relations crew needs to inform all new and existing employees the protocol of working for your establishment. Employees have to remember that whatever they say or do reflects upon the company they are currently working for.
  2. Stay Objective– No matter what your personal opinions are regarding a specific subject, it is important to realize that it may not be the opinion of someone else. Showcasing a personal opinion, especially when you are the head of a company, could result in the whole brand taking on that opinion. In the case of Chick-fil-A, their CEO Dan Cathy let his views about gay marriage be known, which resulted in backlash. Although just one person’s view, some state leaders protested a Chick-Fil-A being built in their city and many pro-LGBT groups would not set foot in the restaurant under any circumstances, which resulted in lost sales.
  3. Listen to your Customers and Be Personable – Your customers are your best brand ambassadors and often spread the word of your services by word of mouth. Make sure to listen to the feedback of customers wholeheartedly. In addition, it is important to make the extra effort to build a personal relationship with customers. Visiting in person or writing a hand-written note will really show your clients you care, which makes them more likely to be in your corner when a PR disaster strikes.
  4. React Quickly- There’s nothing worse than ignoring the problem rather than facing it head on. In an event of a situation getting out of hand, it is better to acknowledge the fact that a major mistake has been made rather than to sweep it under the rug. The quicker the problem is faced, the quicker it will be resolved.


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Permanent vs. Temporary

Permanent vs. Temporary

Which One should I Choose?



Which type of display do you think is best suited for your particular product?  Would it be a corrugated temporary display, or a permanent custom display?

According to the latest research we have seen, most consumers make their decisions at the actual point of purchase. Slightly over 60% of total purchases are attributed to the retail display as the major promotional element within the store.  Because consumers are “bombarded” with competing information, it is more important than ever to know how to compete for the customer’s dollar.

So, the answer here may just be either one.  The type of retail display that will best make your products sell actually depends more on your products features, your particular program with your retailer, as well as your goals for this particular promotional campaign!

Let me give you a few important features of both to help you decide.


Pros:  Piece Price, Versatile, Durable, Light Weight, Customizable

Corrugated Wallet DisplayCorrugated Book Display

Cons: Price of Cutting Dies Pattern, Somewhat Plain, Looks Inexpensive, Product Weight, More tooling 


Pros: More Impressive, Claims Retail Territory, Used For Years, Unique to Product, Increased Perceived Value of Your Product

Flip flop display


Cons:  Initial Cost, Retail Space is Difficult to Acquire, Periodic Update of  the Appearance, Product Perception May Seem too Expensive

Sharn Enterprises manufacturers both temporary and permanent product displays.  Our Designers have the proven industry expertise, and experience to discuss with you your specific program and your own design ideas.  They will work with you to get your ideal retail display produced on time, and within the budget that is best for you.  Contact Sharn Enterprises for details today.

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The “Real” Value of Your Employees


Have you ever stopped and really considered the actual cost/benefit of your employees?

We all tend to be extremely busy these days. I’ll bet you know, within a couple of dollars, how much profit you made last quarter.  I’ll even bet you know how much inventory you have on hand right now; but do you actually know the true worth of your employees? 

In Steve Job’s autobiography, he explained that he only wanted “A” type employees; he wouldn’t tolerate any “B” players.  Apparently, he was a pretty tough guy to work for.  As a practical matter, not all of us adhere to those same standards.  We often grow comfortable with each of our employees- the “A” as well as the “C” employees!

In most small companies, the cost of an employee’s salary and benefits is the second or third highest cost for the company. So, what happens to your bottom line when you tolerate that one “bad apple?”  Well, speaking from experience, it can be a lot.  About a year ago, we lost one of those “bad apples.” This fellow had been with us for a few years- hired by my predecessor.  His production was standard in nature, but his attitude and attendance were not good.  It wasn’t until he left the company that we truly understood the effects of his negative influence on other people here.  After he was gone, productivity in his group improved. People in his work group had a better attitude towards their own job and the company.  They began putting in much needed overtime (when asked), and the quality remained high- all because his negative influence and the peer pressure he had used was finally gone.

Now on the other hand, we are blessed to have a number of very skilled, long-term and dedicated people on our staff.  These people don’t waste their time, or your money.  They are the folks who quietly and efficiently go about doing their own job and contributing to the company’s bottom line. These are the folks that make you profitable!

We are also fortunate to be a growing and expanding company which has recently been attracting younger and better educated people to our work force.  These people bring excitement, energy, and enthusiasm to our company- something that the older folks, like me, appreciate very much.

A well-trained, dedicated, and experienced work force requires us to treat them fairly, with respect, and value them every bit as much as we do  all of our other major business assets.  They are worth their weight in gold, but don’t ever be afraid to throw out those “bad apples”- your work life will be much easier and more profitable without them.

-Roger A. Wandersee