Employee Spotlight- Lloyd Weddington


Lloyd Weddington, Machinist- Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

1. One thing people may not know about Lloyd is: He’s a musician– He plays bass, piano, horns, and more!

2. Favorite Food: Steak

3. Favorite Restaurant:  Chili’s


4. Lloyd’s favorite material to work with is… Metal

5. Favorite Chicago Sports Team: The Chicago Bears

6. Wants to travel to: Hawaii

7. Dogs or Cats?  Dogs

8. Lloyd’s Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Sharn is…Drive his race car!


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Temporary vs. Permanent POP Displays

With so many choices in the retail merchandising world, it is no wonder retailers and product marketers are not sure where to start when it comes to making decisions about a point-of-purchase product display.  From simple branding, to color, to material types and kinds, heads start to spin and ideas seem to run wild when the possibilities are endless.  In order to better understand what type of display fits your brand and product’s needs, you may need to ask yourself some basic questions about your retail display:

Ask yourself and your team:

  1. What is the objective? Do I want to launch a new product?  Do I need to promote a trial run, an out-of-stock item, or just show off my brand’s image?
  2. How long should the program last? 4-6 weeks? 7-12 weeks? Longer?


 A retail display must communicate vital information to the consumer, including position, value, and an overall image to encourage consumers to buy.  Customers want to touch, experience, and connect to a product; therefore a custom display is a necessity to retailers and marketers alike.  There are two types of point-of-purchase displays that a retailer can choose from.  Which type best fits your brand?



The first is a temporary display.  This type of display is designed for a period of 4-12 weeks and is usually constructed in corrugated (cardboard) material with a screen, flood, or litho print graphics. They are designed for one-use only, and are an effective way to communicate a low-cost brand position so they can be seen as “cheap and cheerful.”

corrugated book display

Pros and Cons of Temporary Displays:

Pros- Up-front costs effective for distribution and inventory gains, look and feel is usually rectangular and positions a low price point value product well, used for specific objective for a short time, can be recycled, versatile, light-weight.

Cons- Assembly required, short life cycle management, low perceived value, store staff removes from floor quickly, can take a beating from overall store floor (customers, floor cleaners, movement, etc.), high tooling price.


The second type of display is permanent.  These displays are designed for a displays period of 12-52 weeks and are made with more durable materials.  This is Sharn’s specialty!    These types of displays have limitless potential in terms of design, materials and functionality.  Plastic, wood, and metal are just some of the strong materials used in the construction of these displays in order to capture the brand’s positioning and essence. Red-Camel

Pros and Cons of Permanent Displays

Pros-  Claims retail territory, cost-effective life cycle management, completely flexible and can be designed to anything you want it to be, simple implementation (shipped and ready to go),  better reflection of brand positioning, which increases market share, flexibility of use, ability to last long, unique to product, can be used for years.

Cons- Higher upfront costs, but display cost per week is lower due to longevity on floor, longer planning time for proper engineering and prototyping

In summary:

When considering your retail display strategy, there are many factors to consider when choosing the type of retail display for your products.  It’s not just a home for your product; it’s where they get sold!

You must consider your overall objective, your timeline, your needs as well as the needs of the retailer, ability to reflect brand image.

Of course, here at Sharn we are a bit biased towards permanent displays.  Since 1974, we have been designing and manufacturing custom retail fixtures out of wood, metal, and acrylic.  If your needs align with our capabilities, let us know and we will do everything in our power to make your product and display stand out among the rest.

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Source: http://www.traitech.com/secondary_retail_display.html

Personal & Business Resolutions: 7 Ways To Reach Your Goal

Deciding what kind of resolution to make at the beginning of the New Year is not an easy task.   One might even decide not to make a resolution because they know they will break it right off the bat!  But this year…This year is going to be different.

You have to dive in head first, and the first step is to really reflect on what you want to achieve and not let yourself fall off the wagon.  Because what really is a resolution?  It’s a solution to a problem you are trying to fix.


Your resolution may be to lose weight, get a promotion or maybe just to spend more time with your family.  But achieving a goal like any of the former isn’t an easy feat.  My mother always told me a good piece of advice when trying to reach a goal, “You can’t rise to the top of the ladder without hitting a few rungs.”

That’s why, whether a business or personal New Year’s resolution, take these things consideration.

Make a plan of success

Think about your resolution carefully and write down the steps you will need to take to reach your goal.  For example, if your goal is a promotion, maybe decide to stay later at work to complete a new project or  set a goal to finish your to-do list every single day.  Coming up with a plan will allow you to see the future and what is next in your professional and personal life.


Set realistic expectations

Let’s say you want to lose weight. You can’t set your goal to lose 100 pounds because you will not see results quick enough.  That is why making mini-goals for yourself is a must.  Try setting a goal for 2-3 pounds each week, which is healthy, and actually do-able.  You will be more likely stick to the program if you see the small results, rather than having that 100 pound huge number looming in the back of your mind.

Write down your resolution, EVERYWHERE!

Keep a reminder in your phone, write your resolution with a dry erase marker on your mirror, or keep a post-it note in your purse.  These constant reminders will keep you from forgetting the goal, especially during a time where you feel as though you need extra motivation.

Don’t look back

As easy as it may be, do not fall back into the same patterns you were in before. Success rarely comes from comfort zones!

But forgive yourself

If you fall off the wagon and are unmotivated one day, don’t let that discourage you from your success. Everyone has off days, but it’s the people that power through the hard times that reach their goal.


Once you hit your target or maintain your resolution, whether it happens in weeks or a year from now; treat yourself to something you love to do. Having a reward to look forward to gives you an extra boost of encouragement and keeps you on the right track.


Sharn’s goal in 2015 is to grow our business by continuing to treat our customers, employees, and vendors fairly and with the respect they deserve.

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Trade Shows for Small Businesses: Are They Worth It?

Are old-fashioned trade shows still worth the  investment for small businesses in this digital marketing and social media-focused world of today?  The answer is yes, and current statistics from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research show that attendance at trade shows has risen by 2% in 2013.  Once thought of as a possible dying breed of marketing, a small business owner should not dismiss the positive outcomes from attending an expo, convention, or trade show.


The positives outcomes heavily outweigh the negative, with business owners being able to make personal contacts, introduce fresh, exciting products and services to new clients, and scope out future trends in their niche.  President of Sharn Enterprises, Roger Wandersee, saw the return on his investment when he attended the “Luggage, Leather Goods, and Accessory Show” this past April.  He was able to forge long-lasting business relationships and gain new ventures in the market of Canada.  Designers Scott Sterchele and Stephanie Shostok attended the “Chicago Collective Fashion Trade Show” downtown on July 28th and were able to meet potential clients as well as reconnect with current customers.


Spotted! Our custom Bird Dog Bay display at Chicago Collective 2014.

Looking into the future, Sharn is going to be attending another trade show in Minneapolis called the “Shopper Marketing Conference and Expo.”   This show will include seminars, symposiums, networking sessions, creative merchandising solutions, a variety of vendors, and more.  The conference is taking place on October 21st-23rd and Sharn is already are registered as an exhibitor for booth #331.  If you are interested in attending this trade show, make sure you check out their website by clicking on the icon here.

Shopper marketing conference

After you sign up, make sure you come by Sharn’s booth to see new products and pick up some freebies.  The truth is, trade shows are making a comeback and we here at Sharn Enterprises realize that face-to-face interaction and genuine connections are priceless.



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4 Ways to Prevent a Public Relations Catastrophe

Chick-Fil-A, BP Oil, and Paula Deen; what do these three companies and brands have in common? They were all involved in a public relations nightmare that caused controversies on a national level. In the world of a public relations professional, any one of their stories can be looked at as a worst case scenario when trying to maintain a positive image for the brand he or she is responsible for representing. But why did these three entities sink their own ship? Because they were not prepared for such a disaster and did not think it would ever happen to them.

In order to make sure your company, either large or small, avoids any negativity in the press or community, make sure all members of your team follow some simple steps:

  1. Communicate Effectively– From the bottom of the food chain all the way to the top, make sure all members of the team are aware of the company’s policies and views. Your public relations crew needs to inform all new and existing employees the protocol of working for your establishment. Employees have to remember that whatever they say or do reflects upon the company they are currently working for.
  2. Stay Objective– No matter what your personal opinions are regarding a specific subject, it is important to realize that it may not be the opinion of someone else. Showcasing a personal opinion, especially when you are the head of a company, could result in the whole brand taking on that opinion. In the case of Chick-fil-A, their CEO Dan Cathy let his views about gay marriage be known, which resulted in backlash. Although just one person’s view, some state leaders protested a Chick-Fil-A being built in their city and many pro-LGBT groups would not set foot in the restaurant under any circumstances, which resulted in lost sales.
  3. Listen to your Customers and Be Personable – Your customers are your best brand ambassadors and often spread the word of your services by word of mouth. Make sure to listen to the feedback of customers wholeheartedly. In addition, it is important to make the extra effort to build a personal relationship with customers. Visiting in person or writing a hand-written note will really show your clients you care, which makes them more likely to be in your corner when a PR disaster strikes.
  4. React Quickly- There’s nothing worse than ignoring the problem rather than facing it head on. In an event of a situation getting out of hand, it is better to acknowledge the fact that a major mistake has been made rather than to sweep it under the rug. The quicker the problem is faced, the quicker it will be resolved.


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#Apollo45 & What It Means Today

What is #Apollo45 and why is it “orbiting” around social media sites?  Well, #Apollo45 is a hashtag that was started by the second man to walk the moon, Buzz Aldrin, in honor of the moon landing’s 45th anniversary.  What makes the hashtag even more interesting is that most millennials on Twitter, like myself, were not born yet for this historic event on July 20th, 1969, and have only read about it in the history books.  It sparks my personal curiosities about the first human lunar landing; the emotions felt by all Americans that day, the aftermath of suspicious and faux hoax theories, and even watching the event televised live on black and white TV.  No matter which way you learned about the first man on the moon, this historic event holds a special place in American’s minds and the innate dreamer in all of us.

Buzz Aldrin set up this campaign personally and stated, “I feel we need to remind the world about the Apollo mission and that we can still do impossible things.”  


It all started after mission planners at NASA studied the lunar surface for two years and then choose which location on the moon to make the historic landing. Using high-resolution photographs taken by the lunar Orbitor satellite, they chose a flat surface to ultimately land.

Apollo 11 launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 9:32 am on July 16th, 1969. While in flight on the space ship, the crew made two televised broadcasts.  At 4:17PM on July 20th, the lunar module touched down at their location of choice, “The Sea of Tranquility.”  Neil Armstrong said the words, “Houston, this is Tranquility Base.  The Eagle has landed” as well has his, “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

For the first two hours, Armstrong and Aldrin checked all of the systems and configured the lunar module for stay on the moon, and then decided to take a load off to eat.  They then explored the surface for four hours, setting up experiments, collecting soil, and putting up the famous United States flag.  After spending a total of 21 and half hours on the moon, they decided to head back home, leaving their mark on history.

Some celebrities are also supporting Aldrin’s #Apollo45 mission, such as Jared Leto, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Pharrell.   All in all, make sure you write on Facebook and tweet on Twitter your personal flashback of the first landing on the moon, so you too can re-live your “eclipse” of a memory.   Here are some of our memories from employees at Sharn Enterprises, Inc, from one generation to the other:

Steph ThumbnailStephanie, Marketing & Social Media at Sharn Enterprises, Inc:

“I remember reading about the moon landing in my 7th grade history class.  I am upset that I was not alive for the actual landing, but I am excited because the future holds many other historic events like #Apollo45.”

Roger Wandersee, President of Sharn Enterprises, Inc:

Roger ThumbnailI will never forget that day.  I was a young, married man who had just completed his service in the Army and was now back home with my family.  On that very day, I had been outside doing chores in the early afternoon, but when the time for the landing got close, my wife and I came back inside and watched it all live on our black and white television.  First of all, the thought of us landing on the moon was inconceivable and secondly, the thought of us watching it live on TV from the moon was nothing short of an engineering miracle!  The excitement was not over as we waited for the astronauts to get out and walk on the moon.  When that finally happened and Armstrong uttered those now famous words, I remember feeling so excited for our future and really believed that we as Americans could accomplish anything we set our minds to.  Forty-five years later, I still believe that is true.”

As a proud American manufacturer, we are happy to honor this historic event.

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2014 Trends in Men’s Accessories & Clothing

Here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing custom point-of-purchase displays for a variety of vendors, clients, and businesses.  One area where we specialize in is the production of custom displays for men’s accessories.  From wallets and belts to cufflinks and watches, our clients love the fact that we can display their unique products in a way a customer’s attention is grabbed immediately!

To honor the fact that we display and advertise men’s products, we have complied a list of the top men’s accessories and clothing that are currently “on-trend” for the year 2014:

All pictures are linked to the source so you can buy the product if you really like it!

  1. Casual Watches- A watch that is not only simple, but can be worn daily.  Even though you may just use your phone to tell the time, a stylish watch can create an illusion that you still utilize its actual purpose.8bc07a15be72cf33b4318db576df79756c0b5ced11f5736a56f2c44e25b47ae1
  2. A Weekend Hat– Pick a hat, any hat!  This can be any variety of hat.   Many guys are wearing beanies, fedoras, snapbacks, as well as outback-jack sort of hats. Absolutely anything goes! Click here to check out a hat we love from Forever 21! 1aa01fb108567aaca5d3c378eb430b8f9f85b5b1aa98caf4d77dd672bb9f480abf6a5cc4ce09c347b180ff9042efa816
  3. Wild Dress Socks– This is for the professional guy that goes to work in a suit, but once he sits down, you can sneak-a-peek of a wild, printed sock. This shows that you are professional in the workplace, but have a good sense of humor outside of it. cef8ea72512fded63da1e4c585f0f15e11c5cc6add1a1cbf044c38b6f4592e61
  4. Skinny Casual Tie– Most guys that do have to get dressed up for a semi-casual event should try out the skinny tie trend!  This is an easy trend to try because skinny ties are in many stores and online!6b087fef0316e53614f5f4a46d8a4062
  5. “Bro” Tanks– Since it is the summer, the ‘bro tank’ is the go-to outfit with a pair of casual shorts. More for a day at the beach or out to lunch, this should not be worn to any formal event! a869b03694c2b4a2e07c5cf18c331bf28c655b8d72b889a285a37cdbc773fb1e
  6. Thick-Rimmed Sunglasses– Any sort of Ray Bans and thicker-rimmed sunglasses are all the rage because of their sturdiness and durability.  Make sure to have a few pairs of sunglasses that range in cost. Keep a few pairs for an activity-packed day and keep others to pair with your more upscale attire! 80770ca6d92959b1e9c6c56da65e4649ad0fca1565d9d9a82792e29540dadf0b
  7. Unique Cufflinks– These are a subtle way to show off your interests and hobbies.  Cheap and low-key, this style trend is definitely in.  The “Legen-Dary” pair of links is for the “How I Met Your Mother” fans out there.f7c8200929b5cff76e3e9bd15136b80dcaee026d94f33d033cd9ec664cfd37506b16f41e845dbf5a7702784d75dd4410
  8. Woven Belt– Not only does a belt keep you from sagging in all the wrong places, a woven belt is currently a style “do” according to Esquire magazine.  Of course, Esquire is always right!  Our favorite is the “Lobstah Chowdah.”aab73415a97049866580bd21376013831109e4bc452455c45e2865a7333b7eba
  9. Shaved-Sides Hair Cut- More of a look than an accessory, the slightly shaved side of the head and the longer top is what many guys are sporting during the summer months. 697c9284ccab04b54611bae7b41b62f9
  10. Textured Phone Cases- Phones need to be protected so why not protect them in style?  This half wood-half fabric hybrid would be an awesome addition to your smart phone bestie. c4c5a39b5891eae6a66d3622123e4fb2
  11. Printed or Bright Colored Shorts-  For the “Frat Guy” in all of us, bright colored shorts are the go-to summer BBQ attire. 21b21fa6f41f16b6556d190e67281f11
  12. Wild Short Sleeve Button Ups– For the more hipster guy, this one is tougher to pull off.  For a concert or a night out on the town, a patterned short sleeve button-up shows that this guy is one laid back and mellow.  Beware, this trend is not meant for all!4b48776f5bdef3ba4341145cd8f8c067

All of these amazing men’s accessories need an eye-catching way to be shown off… that’s where Sharn Enterprises, Inc comes in.  If you are a vendor of any of these products, an entrepreneur trying to start your business, or even an small business, make sure you check out Sharn Displays; we can help you with all of our custom display needs!


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