Custom Packaging from Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

Whether your products are custom-made, like the displays and signs we manufacture at Sharn Enterprises, or fairly standard in their design, you should consider custom-made and environmentally friendly packaging.

There are many things to consider before ordering your next display- don’t forget to take shipping and handling into consideration. Before you place your next order, you should ask yourself the next series of questions: While custom-made inserts, padding, boxes and other packaging are often seen as more expensive, is that really true?  How about the value of the product that you’re actually shipping? What about the inconvenience to your customer when your product is delivered damaged?  (The hassle of returns, claims, and credits will certainly turn off most customers- especially your new ones.) 

Is saving a dollar by using “standard” shipping boxes really worth it? The answer is a resounding NO!
Your customer’s expect and deserve to receive a quality-made product, packaged perfectly, with easy to understand instructions, delivered on time, and ready to use. That’s what we do here at Sharn Enterprises; we deliver a custom-made product, packed and labeled in a customized box, ready and set to go the moment our customer receives it.  We would love to show you what we can do for you !

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PGA Show in Orlando, Fl. – Check out Sharn Enterprises’ work in action!

PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida - Check out Sharn's work in action!

Sharn Enterprises, Inc. recently manufactured several custom-made belt and bag displays for the January 28th PGA show in Orlando, Fl.

One of our customers called us because they needed “something different” for their booth- something that would hold a wide variety of their products. We were only too happy to accommodate them, even though we only had 10 days to come through!

One of our top Designers then flew down to Orlando to personally see how everything came out. He was delighted to see the crowds in their booth!